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        Updated on January 26, 2017

        Doctors from the Republic of Korea visit SCH

        On Jan.19-20,2017, Suining Central Hospital(SCH) received a visiting group from the Gwangju Chamjoeun Hospital of the Republic of Korea, which consists of a radiologist, a gynecologist, and a surgeon, etc.

        The visiting doctors were showed around the headquarters of the hospital and they mainly visited the HIFU Center at SCH, where they attentively observed HIFU treatment procedures of fibroids and pancreatic cancer, etc. The doctors of HIFU Center gave a detailed presentation about HIFU, and they shared their clinical experiences and made in-depth discussions on the principles, effectiveness, advantages, and clinical application prospect of HIFU with the visitors. After 2-days visiting, the visiting doctors got a preliminary knowledge of HIFU and were sure of its effectiveness and advantages.