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        Updated on December 15, 2016

        Suining Central Hospital is approved as one of the first institutions to establish academician workstation in Suining

        In August of 2016, President Chen Yongjun of Suining Central Hospital(SCH), together with Vice President Chen Liang and He Jia, signed an employment agreement in Hunan Province with Prof. Xia Jiahui, who is an academician of medicine & health sciences division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a human & medical geneticist, and the founder of clinical genetics in China. It laid the foundation for the establishment of academician workstation in SCH. With adequate preparation of supporting materials, SCH submitted its application for establishment of academician(expert) workstation in October. There are totally over 10 institutions which have applied to establish academician(expert) workstations. After the preliminary assessment of members of Suining academician(expert) workstation joint session, SCH was approved to participate in the on-site review meeting of academician(expert) workstation.

        On November 29, Vice President He Jia and vice director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Lu Zongjie, etc. attended the expert review meeting of the first batch of academician(expert) workstations in Suining. At the meeting, Dr. Lu Zongjie gave a detailed presentation on the works related to establishing academician workstation in SCH, which include its aim, technical basis, social and economic benefits, project planning and scheduling, etc. Vice President He Jia replied to the questions raised by reviewing experts. Through reviewing the application materials, the 7 reviewing experts then assessed the basic conditions and support ability of SCH to establish an academician workstation, the research & development strength and cooperation prospects of expert teams on both sides, the feasibility and market prospects of cooperative projects, the cooperation direction after establishment of academician workstation, and the cooperation mechanism, etc.

        The reviewing experts submitted a proposed list of institutions to establish academician workstation to Suining academician(expert) workstation joint session after the assessment, which held a joint meeting immediately after the expert review meeting. Having been carefully reviewed and discussed by 8 members of the joint session, 7 applying institutions were affirmed to have met the qualifications of academician(expert) workstation and were included in the first list of  Suining academician(expert) workstations.

        SCH became one of the first institutions in Suining to establish academician workstation with the highest scores in the assessment, and it is the only one to cooperate directly with the academician among the 7 approved institutions. In cooperation with academician Xia Jiahui, SCH plans to invest 10 million Yuan to carry out the project of "Establishment and clinical application of birth defect detecting platform for severe deformities and disabilities". The project will include establishment of Suining DNA specimen bank and Suining Translational Medicine & Precision Medicine center, and will effectively lower the birth defect rate in Suining.

        Academician(expert) workstation acts as an important platform for the applying institution to enhance its independent innovation capability and level and to promote the recruitment and service of high-level talents. With the establishment of academician(expert) workstation, SCH will obtain the intellectual support of the academician and his innovation team as well as the support of the members of Suining academician(expert) workstation joint session in project application and talent cultivation, etc., which would certainly enhance the independent innovation ability of the hospital and push its scientific research to a new level.